Introduction to eSports

Esports also known as electronic sport is a form of sport competition using video games. Esports are mostly formed of multiplayer video game competitions between professional players or teams. Whether it is a form of entertainment, one’s hobby in his free time or a potential source of revenue from online bets. Esports is something everyone should pay attention to due to his popularity surge over the years. We do believe most of the esports gamers will enjoy playing esports betting in Online Casino Malaysia too. Explore it now today!

Types of eSports Games

In general, most of the games played by professional gamers are strategy games, which includes multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, like Dota2, and real-time strategy (RTS) games, like StarCraft II. Another popular genre of competitive gaming include first-person shooter (FPS) games like CS:GO.

Real-time strategy games are called so because they need to have a strategy and break the format of traditional turn-based games. Players have full control of each units to react to events as the game goes. These games usually have resources and building mechanics to push the players limit. Two of the popular games of RTS in eSports are StarCraft II and Warcraft III. Another than just playing the games, if you would like to earn some side hustle, we strongly recommend you to place your wager in Online Casino Singapore or other gambling platforms to earn. Then you can buy your favorite items of the game to enjoy the fun with esports! Try it now!

First-person shooter (FPS) games are centered on the gun choice of the player in a first-person perspective. Players will get to experience the action through the eyes of the character in the game. The newer trend of FPS has evolved to a new genre called Battle Royale. Battle Royale game blends the survival, exploration, and scavenging elements together, making the game more versatile and diverse. The reflex and accuracy control of the players are tested in FPS games. Popular games of FPS and Battle Royale in eSports are CS:GO, PUBG, and Fortnite. Try your luck in esports betting today just at 12Play online casino Singapore today.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is by far the most popular genre of eSports game in the industry. MOBA games are initially a sub-genre of RTS game, are a strategy games where players team up to destroy their opponent’s team base. The most popular MOBA game is Dota 2 where the prize pool of the largest event The International 10 of year 2020 is up to USD 35 million at the time of writing and over 50 million total viewers. 

How To Pick Your Favourite Team

From a outsider perspective, the world of esports or esports betting online are massive. Maybe you understand the rules of the game well, but to really enjoy the thrilling esports experience, it is best to find a team to support. A major esports event is quite phenomenal, stadium packed with cheering fans, games focusing on their monitors, the rapid-pace commentators describing the game progress in real-time. It had grown into a serious industry where loyal fans would fly across the globe to support and watch their team play.

Let’s break it down into few aspects into choosing your team before you try to bet on any online casino in Singapore 2020.

Focus on The Game You're Interested In

Many of the gaming teams are specialize in a bunch of different games, while some tend to focus on just one. If you do not have any knowledge on eSports, it might be best that you target one game that interest you the most. Try to choose the team that performs well and observe if they are the right team for you. You can watch recent tournament matches to get a list of which teams are popular and particularly powerful. This saves up some of your time finding through a big pool of teams.

Explore Other eSports Game

It is okay to venture into other games in eSports. Most of the large pro gaming team specialize in few esports game. One of the top teams are Evil Geniuses. They compete in Dota 2, CS:GO, and more. If you find yourself liking a team which plays a few competitive games, it is a good option that you explore the other games as well. 

Personalities Matter

Other than focusing on the gameplay, maybe you should focus on the player’s personality as well. Many find a person’s character more likable from how the players interact and present on stage. You might feel more connected knowing the player’s background. Many people support teams because they relate to one of the members. 

One way you can get to know more about the specific player is via Youtube. As the industry grew, one common practice team have is team house culture. This is where team rent out a house where they stay for practice purpose. Therefore, you will find their videos on Youtube showing their game house hour.

Knowing the Team's Playstyle

If you are familiar with the game, observing how the team play is something for you to consider. Which team you support is very subjective as some individual focus on funky and playful teams and some focus on strategies. 

In the case of MOBA, certain teams or players tend to favor some heroes over others. This will also change depending on the region of the team. If you are obsessed with playing a specific hero, this is something you need to pay attention to. Twitch and other streaming services are perfect for you to find out your favourite, you can also find replays with commentary on Youtube. 

Rotating Team Rosters

Before you get too excited on supporting a team forever, do keep in mind that swapping rosters are a common act in eSports. Professional teams tend to change roster to improve the team’s gameplay or resolve internal conflicts. Therefore, if you are supporting a team because if a certain member. You might switch cheering for other teams when your favorite gamer change team.