Dota 2: Best Heroes for Newbies

Dota 2 is often known as one of the biggest esports of the world, which have millions of fans across the world. If you are one of the many who are just starting to know the game, you should take note that the game can be a bit intimidating.

With over 119 heroes in the pool, it is gonna take some time for you, even you mean to just try out the skills. You can learn the basics along the way trying some heroes that attract your attention. But before you want to spend months trying out 119 heroes, here are a list of heroes we recommend for beginners to try out. We’ve included cores and supports so you can have a choice of your own play style.

Crystal Maiden

CM is mostly known as one of the most popular support in the game. It is true that she is really fragile, but the hero is easy to play and can assist her teammate a lot. That is the reason why CM is one of the top picks for newbie who are passionate to support the team.

CM is also pretty versatile as she can deal loads of damage as well. With the proper combo, CM can deal massive amount of damage with some core items. Crystal Maiden is popular in many lane combos, especially with Juggernaut.


One of the easiest carries you can pick for mid lane is Sniper. While the hero has trouble surviving explosive damage at the beginning, once you have your core items up, you can do damage at a distance.

Put aside the fact that there are no skillshots that you should be concern about, Sniper have two active spell that can be casted with no effort. That is the reason Sniper made it into this list. One of the things you need to pay attention while playing Sniper is that he is extra fragile. Therefore, you need to be more cautious of ganks and rotation.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker is usually the hero that everyone can play. This hero has three active spells, one of the spells is his ultimate. Nevertheless, his job is to charge and ultimate the right target to be effective.

Spirit Breaker is a fun hero to pick for players that have a playful style of playing, especially they like to travel around the map. This allows your enemies to back up putting less pressure in your lane.

Wraith King

One of the powerful core heroes that you can choose is Wraith King. WK have a high winning ratio due to his tanky nature and massive damage output. WK have two active skills, one of the skills is a single target stun. His ultimate is Reincarnation, meaning he will come back when killed.

Another benefit of Wraith King is that he can work along side with most of the heroes, therefore you are worry-free on the lane combo.

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi is one of those heroes that are easy to use and also super effective even the pro players use them a lot. The reason is that Ogre Magi is tanky, are able to cast stun spell and also buff spell. Therefore, making him a super supporter in early and end game.

With his buff spell, Blood Lust. Your physical damage carry will find you extremely important as the buff boosts attack speed sharply.