Fortnite Season 4 New Collector's Museum to The Island

Fortnite have done it again, another Marvel-themed location has newly added into Season 4. The Collector’s Museum is made famous by the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Over the month, Epic Games has been tossing in multiple Marvel location. Extend from Ant-Man’s Ant Manor to Black Panther’s Panther Monument. This latest installation still did not give us any clue as to why these locations are in Fortnite.

Location of the Collector’s Museum in Fortnite

Compared to the other Marvel locations, the new museum is considered mall for a point of interest. Generally, it’s a small museum that sits on a circular platform beside a mountain. The museum is built similar to the one from Guardian of the Galaxy. There are several items showed in the glass cases and you can ascend to the second level.

If you want to go there and see for yourself, you can land near Catty Corner. From there, travel towards north east to the snowy mountains and you should spot the museum when looking up from the base of the mountains. It is located on the side of the mountain facing the west side of Fortnite island.

In addition to why these Marvel points of interests are popping up, we cannot jump to conclusion. However, it is possible that the Rifts are responsible for transporting them. Other than that, the Rifts also created a new stage on the map. It is likely Epic Games is setting up for even more addition features and point of interests. Time will reveal how all these will connect to the Season 4 storyline.

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